Auto Accidents

Injured in an auto accident?

Injuries resulting from auto accidents can be severe and debilitating. We offer a free consultation so you can find out your rights and get the help you need, quickly and effectively.

Woman with Car Troubles
Was your auto accident the result of another driver’s negligence?

Auto accidents can happen for many reasons including driver error or negligence, distracted driving, faulty equipment, road conditions or road design.

Our attorneys can guide you through the process of determine your rights, facilitate your claims, manage your case and represent you in court, if necessary.

After an accident, insurance companies handle most property damage claims but when an injury is involved, you may need legal representation in order to be protected.

Seiniger Law can help you determine your rights when:

  • an insurance company will not pay full compensation for your property damage, injuries, lost wages, and other monetary damages
  • delays settlement for an extended period of time (beware of statute of limitations for auto accidents)
  • denies your claim
  • or, when the other driver does not have insurance

Our aggressive representation helps our clients receive compensation for auto accidents, paid for by the negligent party or parties, for their injuries, pain and suffering, property repairs, medical expenses, loss of income, and physical and psychological pain.

According to, all drivers should be prepared in case of an auto accident. Their recommendations include safety instructions and steps for gathering information. But, there are some instances when you might have been unable to get that information. We can help. Call us to discuss your situation and the roadblocks you may be facing in trying to recover your loss.