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Seiniger on Videotaping Births

Local Policies on Videotaping Births

As more restrictions are placed on technology and it’s place in our lives, few would argue that one of our most precious gifts is a video of our child being born — but, videotaping births may soon be against hospital policy.

Videotaping this special moment, one that many Mothers miss or can’t clearly remember, has become a popular trend for expecting parents and grandparents — and it may be disappearing in many hospitals and medical centers.

The American Medical Association has indicated that many physicians fear that videotaping the birth may open them up to a lawsuit should something go wrong during the procedure.

Local hospitals vary on their policies with St Alphonsus allowing taping before and after the birth but not during the event. Other local hospitals leave the decision up to the parents and their physician.

“The physician shouldn’t have any say in it all unless there’s a legitimate safety concern. Why shouldn’t you be able to video tape? After all, it’s only going to happen once.” – Breck Seiniger