Employment Law

Your rights under employment law

Understanding your rights under employment law can sometimes be confusing. Have you been treated unfairly in the workplace? Should you be legally protected in your employment situation?

Employment Law determines the rights and responsibilities between employers and employees.  There are both federal laws and state laws that regulate these relationships and how they play out in the real world.

Employee Rights Under the Law


Cases involving sexual harassment or discrimination can be complex but the law is very clear on these issues.

While most large corporations have a strong understanding of the law, there are many small businesses, partnerships and start-ups that do not. And, in some cases, an understanding of the law does not always mean the law is upheld in every case. Unfair and unlawful practices can happen in any business setting.

Seiniger Law handles employment law, unfair disciplinary actions and other employment disputes. We believe in fighting to protect the individual rights of the citizens of Idaho and are committed to supporting our clients when they face unfair practices on the job.

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