For Other Lawyers

For Other Lawyers

Helping Lawyers Help Clients

Let Breck Seiniger’s experience complement what you offer your clients—lawyer-to-lawyer, in the office or the courtroom. Our legal services for other lawyers can made all the difference in the outcome of your client’s case. Let our experience work for you.

Lawyer to Lawyer
We appreciate your trust.

Referring Attorneys

Sometimes the best way to help your client may be a referral to, or association with, an attorney who has a track record of success in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and other matters.

Litigation Consulting

Going to trial on a big case? Consider working with Seiniger Law. Our experience in litigation can be put to work in your case. Breck Seiniger can help you, either as trial counsel or by assisting you in trial preparation, courtroom technology, or litigation strategies.


Seiniger Law has a track record in assisting lawyers with arbitration. Breck Seiniger’s arbitration experience includes serving both as an arbiter and as an attorney advocate for parties in arbitration. Need help with a case going to arbitration. Call us today at 208 345-1000.

Service to the Profession

Seiniger Law is pleased to support area pro bono and charity organizations. Click here to learn more about how your firm and lawyers can get involved.