I need a lawyer. What do I do now?

“Hello, I think I need a lawyer”

You have realized you need a lawyer. Here is what to expect when you call Seiniger Law the first time.

Businesswoman Listening to Cell PhoneYou will be connected with a member of our staff who can determine, through a series of questions, whether we will be able to help you with your case. Of course, the call is free.

Gather the Facts

  • We suggest that you be prepared to discuss the facts, such as:
  • WHO was involved, who was injured, who was a witness, who was cited by police
  • WHAT happened (chronologically)
  • WHEN it happened
  • WHERE it happened
  • WHY it happened (the cause)
  • HOW it has affected your job, your health, your quality of life, and your activities

Assemble the Documents and Photos

It is also a good idea to gather up any documents relevant to your case and have them in front of you. These might include:

  • Medical records and bills
  • Police report or incident report
  • Letters or emails from insurance companies, opposing lawyers, state agencies, employers, etc.
  • Photos of the accident site (let us know if you do not yet have any photos)
  • Recent pay-stubs

Of course, if you do not have some of the above documents or information, still call us. If you retain us we will work with you on assembling the necessary evidence.

During the Call

Have a pen and paper handy, and just relax. You will be pleased to see how friendly we are. Remember, we have been doing this a long time, and we understand what you are going through.

Before the call ends, our staff member will usually indicate the next step he or she recommends. This might include scheduling an appointment for you, or a suggestion as to how you might proceed if they feel that this is a case in which you would be better served by going a different direction.

Don’t wait. Contact Us today!