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Success Stories – In the News

If you want to know which lawyer gets multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements – READ THE HEADLINES

“The proof is in the pudding.”It may be a cliché, but in law as in everything else, results count.

Seiniger Law headlines
Seiniger Law in the News
Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts

For three decades, Breck Seiniger has been building a track record of verifiable success.

On this page we show our success stories with excerpts from some of Breck’s cases that have made news. Of course, there are many more cases that Breck has successfully settled for his clients confidentially.

A Reputation for Hard Work

It is this success that has earned Breck a reputation for hard work, aggressive representation, and creative thinking in finding ways to help his clients. Of particular note is that Breck enjoys the highest respect from his peers in the legal profession, as demonstrated by the many honors he has received.

Let the Headlines Tell the Story

No attorney can guarantee a particular result in a given case. But when it comes to determining an attorney’s record of success, very often the headlines tell the story.